Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Beauty and the Beast

There was a show called Beauty and the Beast. Our class went to the hall to see the show. It was exciting in the start. The prince was mean then he turned into a beast. Our favorite character was Belle. Belle was a kind girl, she had brown hair. Our least favorite character was Gaston people said that he was smelly. He only took a bath last year. He had a friend that is really funny, he was like a joker. Belle has a dog called Scruffy he was all white with black spots. He keeps hiding from Belle. Belle wanted to go to her father but Gaston tricked her and he told her to go to the forest and Belle answered “There is a beast in the forest so I am not going there!” Gaston said to her that there is no beast so off Belle went. Then Belle got lost because Scruffy got lost too. After finding Scruffy she saw a huge castle. Belle knocked on the castle door we told her not to because the beast lived there but Belle said “there is no such a thing as a beast”. Suddenly the door opened and out came a tea pot. The tea pot let Belle in. Then Belle saw a candle his name was Lumiere it was the tea pots friend. The tea pot leaded Belle to the beast. Belle got scared at once she thought that the beast would eat her. After they got used to each other the tea pot decided that she has to eat dinner here because it was dark. And Belle said yes. After that Belle wore a lovely dress. Then when they wanted to start the dinner Belle and the beast started dancing. The beast fell in love with her, he thought that Belle would break the spell. Butsuddenly Gaston came to kill the beast! They started to fight and he took his sword and stuck it in the beast! When the beast was dying the magic cured him and then the spell broke. And they both lived happily ever after.   

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