Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Oceans Alive

We went to a science workshop all about the oceans it was really good. They told us all about sharks, squids, fish and plants. Now we will tell you about it. He brought in posters of the sea. At the top of the sea it is bright and when it gets deeper it gets darker. At the very bottom of the sea it’s called the midnight zone and there are creatures at the bottom that can give themselves light .There is plankton, coral and seaweed there. Seaweed is very useful for food like ice-cream. You can make shark fin soup. They catch the shark and cut its fin off for soup then they let them go back into the water and they die. In the middle of the sea it’s the twilight zone there are sharks, squids and fish there.  The sharks do not eat the fish in the twilight because they are too small to eat .The sharks use there sense of touch and smell in the dark to catch fish far away from them and the sharks can smell a drop of blood from miles away. Near the end we all stood on a shark mat. It was fun. At the end we got to see dead creatures from the sea.
By Leanne, Saoirse and Amy

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