Friday, 28 September 2012

News from Room 9

Hi my name is Courtney O ’Halloran and I along with my classmates are reporting news from Room 9. So sit back and relax because this is going to be fun….
v In our classroom we have a board that teacher puts some of our work on. It’s called the work to ‘bee` proud of board. It’s full of bumble bees. Lenka and Leyza’s beautiful work was put on the board this week. Every time people from our class do work nicely our teacher will put it up so that the whole classes will see how well we can do our work.
Armanda krupeninaite
v This week in Religion we made our own promises.  We got a sticky note and wrote out our promises for the year, for example I promise to say a nice thing to someone every day. It was fun.  Today we are going to computers it will be very fun, I can’t wait.
Grainne Caffrey
v I’ll tell you all about our Food Pyramid. In art we are doing a Food Pyramid made out of magazines and it will look amazing when it will be finished. I’m in the vegetables group with Armanda and Mecheile. It’s really fun because you look though magazines to find pictures of vegetables.
Lenka Voskarova 
v Swimming will be after school for girls who can swim a full length of the swimming pool. This week we are doing our multiples of 4 and to remember them we play some games at maths time such as buzz and bang.
                                Shantel Camora

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