Wednesday, 26 June 2013

End of year awards

This evening in class we had our own awards ceremony. Every one in the class received an individual prize and certificate. Well done everyone! 

         Award                            Winner 
Little Miss Sunshine          Leanne
Little Miss Giggles          Courtney
Fantastic Friend                  Elizabeta
Homework Hero                  Armanda
Princess of Politeness          Patricija
Super Smile                          Amaze
Dancing Queen                  Leyza
Best Irish Speaker          Evelina
Awesome Artist                 Andzelika
Most Improved                 Teresa
Ravenous Reader                 Grainne
Sports Star                         Brooke
Splendid Skip Counter  Ese
Mega Mathematician        Saoirse
Handsome Handwriting Lenka
Little Miss Helpful         Anna 
Super Speller                        Shantel
Queen of Questions        Denisa
Little Miss Tidy                Amy
Speedy Gonzalez                Ella
Best Newcomer                Naomi
Problem Solver of the year  Nora
Student of the Year       Mecheile 

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