Monday, 17 December 2012

Posting our Santa letters

Last Thursday we went to the post office. We were posting our letters to Santa. We decorated our letters and the envelope and then we got in a big bus that dropped us there. When we went in it was very big. Our teacher took lots of photos and put them on the blog. We posted our letters in Santa’s postbox. 40 people work in the post office in Cavan. 10, 000 people work for An Post in Ireland. We had a great day.
        Brooke Judge

On Thursday our class went to the post office. First we went on the bus that we go swimming on. We sang some Christmas songs. We sang Santa Clause is coming to town, Jingle Bells and Rudolph. After 10 minutes we were there, the post office was big and cold. We asked some questions and then we put our letter in the postbox and we had to shout our name. I asked the question “how many people work in the post office?” and the man said “40”. Lastly we got to sing one more song and we got a treat. It was the best day ever.
Evelina Konciute

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