Wednesday, 24 October 2012

How to carve a pumpkin

On Monday we carved a pumpkin. We then wrote a procedure explaining how we did it. You can follow our procedure if you would like to carve your own pumpkin.

How to carve a pumpkin
Equipment needed:
A spoon
2 knives (one big and one small)
A marker
A pumpkin
A bowl
A small candle
Matches or a lighter

Safety tips
·      Ask an adult to help you when using the knife
·      Ask an adult to light the candle and put it in the pumpkin for you

1.  Draw a circle on the top of the pumpkin
2.  Using the big knife cut along the outline of the circle and take the top of the pumpkin off
3.  Take out all the inside of the pumpkin using the spoon and put them in a bowl (these can be later used to make pumpkin soup)
4.  Draw a face on the pumpkin with a marker
5.  Use the small knife to cut out the face
6.  Get the small candle and light it. Then put it in the pumpkin

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